Rainbow Cat Oil - 4 oz

by Nutra-Vet-Research
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From the Manufacturer:

Nutri-Vet’s Rainbow Cat Oil is your pet’s best fatty acid supplement- it's like no other product in the market! It delivers the perfect Omega 3 and Omega 6 ratio, fatty acids which are crucial to the health of your pets skin and coat as well of the bio-chemistry of the brain and helping with joint function.

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Customer Reviews

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looks like a new cat

I took in a stray cat last year, emaciated with no hair on back legs, scratched and licked constantly with no parasites. He also had a red swollen lower lip and redness along all of his gumline. After about a month hair was growing in, after several more weeks he has the most luxuriously soft coat,like a black velveteen rabbit. No more swollen gums, just a slight red line along gumline. He is about 1 yr. old.

As promised