Mag Relax Powder - 5.6 oz

by Woodstock Vitamins
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From The Manufacturer

Woodstock Vitamins Mag Relax contains magnesium, an essential mineral required for adequate health. 60% of the body's magnesium is stored in our bones, making it important for maintaining bone health throughout life.

Magnesium is also critical for adequate nerve function, controlling important muscle and brain activities- and it is often used for its calming abilities.

In addition, magnesium is needed for energy and cardiovascular support. When combined with water, Woodstock Vitamins Mag Relax forms magnesium citrate with an ionic bond.

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Customer Reviews

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Christopher Chaulk


S Mann
Great customer service!

This is great stuff, I’ve used it for over a year now. I love that it comes in an Amber glass container to keep it fresh. This was my first order with this company and when it come in the mail, it was literally an envelope with bubble wrapped crushed glass and powder. I was so disappointed as I had just ran out of my previous bottle. I called the store and they immediately shipped out a replacement and made sure it was securely packed to avoid being broken. Even sent me a hand written apology not, who does that anymore? Signs of a great company with great people working for them. I will definitely continue to use them.

Great product

I found out about Mag Relax from my aunt. I needed something to help my digestion and she suggested I try it. It works really well. I'm glad it's available online.