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Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is produced by fibroblasts in the body (fibroblasts produce collagen) - and the output of HA Decreases with age, contributing to aging. HA  has amazing moisturizing properties; it is able to hold 1000 times its weight in water, improving the appearance of the skin. And because it holds water, HA  is a lubricating compound and natural cushioning barrier in joints

Hyaluronic acid may also bind to cellular receptors located on the surface membrane of cartilage, where it seems to support a positive immune response in the tissue and helps maintain healthy cartilage.

Botanicals like bioflavonoids and ginger naturally provide potent antioxidant compounds to protect skin and joints by removing toxins, promoting circulation, and reducing damage from free radicals to help maintain a youthful vitality.

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Anna Tanski
Hyaluronic acid

The first time I took it, my knee pain subsided. I stopped my Euflexa shots, which uses hyaluronic acid, and I am considering starting again b

Always reliable

As usual - easy site to navigate - good shipping time, even now. Always receive exactly what I ordered. Been using since I found you for skin and joints and I maintain wonderful results. Couldn't ask for anything more!