GI Regularity - 60 Capsules

by Woodstock Vitamins
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From The Manufacturer

Woodstock Vitamins GI Regularity is designed to support gastrointestinal (GI) regularity and complement dietary fiber intake. Magnesium citrate is present to support muscle relaxation and bowel elimination. Cape Aloe is added to support normal GI transit time and stool bulk.

Triphala, a balanced blend of astringent fruits used extensively in Ayurveda, is present to support all phases of digestion, assimilation, and elimination. Gastrointestinal regularity in turn plays a fundamental role in detoxification, providing a major route for elimination of toxins.

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Customer Reviews

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Joy Goodrich
Love them

Felt gentle relief when I needed it!

It worked...for a few days

As an alternative to MagRelax, I thought GI Regularity would be good to take. It's the same ingredients. But after a few days I needed to go back to MagRelax (no capsule to digest).