Digestplex - 100 Tablets

by Nutriplex Formulas
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Our Vitality Approved Solution

From the Manufacturer:

Because most foods we eat today are processed, our digestive systems have a harder time breaking down fats, carbohydrates and proteins. DigestPlex breaks down food nutrients into smaller sizes that your body can use more completely and efficiently.

DigestPlex also combats indigestion and its side effects like bloating, gas, and heartburn.

DigestPlex combines digestive enzymes with other beneficial foods like beets. Beets are great for digestion. They have high amounts of betaine, which helps to break down proteins and support healthy stomach acid levels.

Equally as important, DigestPlex also provides myriad other food factors and micronutrients that our bodies require for optimum health, including enzymes, amino acids, co-vitamins, minerals, and more. These food factors can only be found in nature‰۪s whole foods and not in vitamin pills.

The foods contained in DigestPlex were grown and harvested without the use of pesticides or other toxic chemicals. Food ingredients in our formulas are carefully selected for their potency and nutritional capabilities and how they work synergistically for maximum benefit in health, healing, maintenance and cellular function.

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Customer Reviews

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Glenn M

Works great after a heavy meal , helps with digestion.

Deborah C
Great Quality

This is a high quality supplement, from a company I believe in and love this product!