Cranberry + D-Mannose - 60 Capsules

by Woodstock Vitamins
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We have the highest quality standards in the industry and our Cranberry + D-Mannose - 60 Capsules is a Vitality Approved best-in-class supplement.

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Customer Reviews

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Artiesa Woods
Best Cranberry Supplement

My urologist recommended a super expensive supplement that was impossible to afford. After researching what was on the market, I read The Big Mouth Pharmacist’s blog on cranberry supplements and immediately ordered, along with Easy Iron to replace the constipating iron supplement I was on. I will never go back! I’ve decreased the number of UTIs I was having just by use of Cranberry + D - Mannose and eliminating a couple things from my diet.

Meryl Kauffman

Works for me!

Jules K.
Great Quality

I had first started taking a D-mannose/cranberry supplement I bought from Amazon. It seemed to work ok but had a horrible aftertaste and tasted nor smelled anything like cranberries. After discovering The Big Mouth Pharmacist and I read his article on such supplements, I think I now know why it didn't taste nor smell like cranberries (because it probably wasn't). I have since started taking Wookstock Vitamins D-mannose and Cranberries supplement... it smells like cranberries and works great. Thank you for trying to inform us consumers about supplement pitfalls, I will be a customer for life.