B-12 1,000 mcg PR - 100 Tablets

by Woodstock Vitamins
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A water-soluble vitamin, B-12 is essential for proper energy metabolism, nerve, and mental function, red blood cell formation, and cardiovascular health.

It is important for everyone, but especially for vegetarians and seniors who tend to be lacking in B12.

Woodstock Vitamins prolonged-release b-12 is an advanced manufacturing technique which allows nutrients to be released slowly over approximately 2 - 4 hours, promoting optimal assimilation

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Customer Reviews

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Michael Suib
Vit B 12

Still upright!! Must be doing its job!! No gastric problems

Love the prolonged release!

This is a pure and potent B12 supplement that is great for people who don't get enough of it through what they eat- I love that the capsule is "prolonged release" so that more of the B12 is absorbed!