Fish oil is one of the most studied natural products today. As such, there are a million and one brands trying to gain a piece of the market. We need a manufacturer with the integrity and passion that matches or exceeds ours.

Wiley’s Finest is that manufacturer. A family owned company, just like us.

There’s much to love about Wiley’s. Wiley's actually produces their own fish oil, rather than just buying from a third party, like most fish oil companies. No fish are caught to make the oil, which is amazing from an environmental standpoint. Their fishery has less than 1% by-catch, meaning they aren't scooping up other species of fish. This is the lowest percentage in the world. Wiley’s efforts are well noted; they’re the only fish oil company to obtain MSC seal for sustainability.



From a purity standpoint, Wiley’s Finest is top notch. Each batch is third party tested for contaminants, radiation, heavy metals, and more. They were the first company to be third party certified and verified to be free of radiation. Extraction is hexane and acetone free; they don’t cut corners like many in the industry. Wiley’s also had the first prenatal DHA product to be independently certified to be mercury free.

What We Love:


  • Pure, clean lemon taste with no fishy aftertaste.
  • 100% American made, sourced and fished.
  • Only fish oil company to care as much about fish oil quality and purity we do.
  • Concentrated for efficient therapeutic dosing. No playing games with 100-300 mg of EPA and DHA per pill like other brands.
  • It comes from one of the most well-managed and sustainable fisheries in the world.
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