Village Vitality

The companies we choose to create products for us are held to even higher standards than our other brands. We want to ensure that no matter type of products people want to take - whether isolates or whole food - transparency, purity, and quality are guaranteed.

Village Vitality products offer unique benefits to our customers:

  • Standard products that are formulated to offer our customers low cost alternatives without sacrificing quality.
  • Rare formulations that aren’t available in most retail stores, as they don’t have licensed professionals at each location.
  • Custom, true whole food formulations created by our experts that aren’t available anywhere else.

Our custom formulations are unique solely to Village Vitality. They are formulated by us, and we choose the raw material suppliers and manufacturers.

Here’s A short list of what we require from our brand products:


  • All raw materials quarantined upon arrival and thoroughly tested prior to use
  • Steps are taken to prevent or detect adulteration
  • Sustainability is a priority; farmers and harvesters must be paid a fair wage for their crop, for example.
  • Extraction agents and solvents must only be products allowed in food.
  • Animal products must be tested for antibiotics and hormone usage, among other things.
  • Herbal products must arrive whole and be processed thereafter where applicable.
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