The State of the Supplement Industry

We here at Woodstock Vitamins love supplements, vitamins, and natural products.  Dr. Neal has used natural products and his method, the Holistic Standard, to improve the quality of his customers’ lives for over a decade.

But, there are major problems with the supplement industry.

Product quality varies widely.

There have been numerous, very recent reports of supplements not having any active ingredients at all. Or, worse, the products contain harmful contaminants like synthetic, dangerous medicines, heavy metals, or carcinogens.

Recommendations are often based on little to no science.

Well-meaning, responsible practitioners are overshadowed by charlatans and modern snake-oil salespeople promising impossible results via numerous unnecessary and potentially dangerous supplements, tests, or “interventions.”

The evidence that is available isn’t the greatest.

Clinical trials normally have strong bias, improper methods, and often use the common, poor quality products we try to avoid.

As a result, conventional medical professionals often dismiss supplements and natural products. You can’t blame them, really.

In doing so, however, they’ve lost the trust of their patients who just want to be heard and don’t want pills shoved in their face unnecessarily.  Medical professionals are no longer in their “most-trusted” position, and are not leading holistic care.

The customer is left in a lurch.

Supplements are overwhelming. There’s a wall of products, all claiming they’re solving their problems and are of the best quality. There’s new advice coming at a consumer every minute, and it seems some of the advice conflicts with other recent advice.

There’s no single source of truth. There’s no supplement quality standard. "Holistic care” is now a marketing term.  For many in the industry, it doesn’t represent a whole-body approach, but instead a mechanism to sell more unnecessary supplements to frustrated consumers.  

Where can someone turn for a new path through the madness of the messy, poorly regulated supplement industry and wellness space?

Woodstock Vitamins.

Dr. Neal Smoller is a passionate guy who doesn’t like shady practices and misinformation.  

Dr. Neal’s mission is to provide true holistic care based on science. To do so, he’s developed the Holistic Standard, redefining holistic care. He educates other professionals (and anyone who wants the knowledge) on how to provide wellness with integrity via Supplement School.

When it’s time to use supplements, a consumer needs more confidence in the products than the industry can currently deliver.  

Dr. Neal has developed the Supplement Quality Standard, where manufacturing practices, therapeutics, and ethics are used as criteria for supplement quality. This model is comprehensive and based on real science, setting a new standard for how we think about supplement quality.  

Dr. Neal applies his rigorous standards to the products he recommends and those bearing the name Woodstock Vitamins.

As a holistic professional—and especially as pharmacist—Dr. Neal seeks to reduce the number of unnecessary medicines AND supplements people may be using.  

Raising the Bar

The natural products industry will always have challenges, new gimmicks, and obstacles. As consumers, we need to be constantly vigilant.  As advocates for supplements and holistic care, we seek to set a newer, better standard.  

We’re constantly refining our model and improving our products. With Woodstock Vitamins, you can be certain you’ll be getting the best products and advice, without the BS.