The Woodstock Vitamins Rewards Program FAQ

We make it a point to say thank you to our patients by making a profound impact in their lives, being kind and supportive, and showing you that you are part of our family.  Even with all this, we feel you deserve more!

Our Woodstock Vitamins Rewards program is our appreciation program that awards you points for allowing us to be a part of your life.

It's our way of saying “thank you” for the supporting us.

You’ll get 3% cash back on all products you buy! 

As a Woodstock Vitamins Rewards customer, you will:

  • Get 1 point for every dollar spent
  • Every 100 points can be redeemed for a $3 coupon to be used on your next purchase of any products you want..

    It’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s fun.  In fact, the only membership requirement is that you must have and maintain a valid, active email account on file with us in order to be eligible and participate in the program.

    What If I Normally Buy In-Store?

    Our two systems don't talk to each other quite yet.

    Any rewards points can be transferred back and forth between online and physical locations upon request. Just email our eCommerce Manager and they'll get right on it.

    COVID19 Update: We suggest letting your rewards points accumulate until life returns to "normal" and then we can permanently move your points to one system or another. 

    How Do I Participate?

    Joining is easy! Just click the green REWARDS tab, and then select Create An Account to get started. Once you're registered, you'll have the opportunity to take part in all of the exciting ways we currently offer to earn points!

    How Can I Earn Points?

    You can earn points by participating in any of our innovative promotions! Simply click on the 'EARN' tab to view and take part in our current opportunities. In addition, make sure to check back often, as we're adding great new ways for you to earn points all the time!

    What Can I Redeem My Points For?

    Glad you asked! We want to make it easy and fun to redeem your hard-earned points. Just visit the 'REDEEM' tab to view all of our exciting reward options.

    How Do I Redeem My Points?

    Exchanging your points for great rewards couldn't be easier! Simply visit the 'REDEEM' tab to view all of our great reward options and click the 'Redeem' button to redeem your reward.

    Your rewards will be in the form of a coupon code that will be generated and also emailed to you. Apply that coupon on checkout to get your reward!

    What If I Redeemed Points but Didn't Use My Coupon?

    No problem! Your coupon stays active until it's used. Use that coupon at any time in the future. You did not lose your rewards points!

    Click on VIEW HISTORY to see your purchase and coupon history to find unused coupon codes!

    How Do I Check My Points Balance?

    Your up-to-date points balance is always displayed in the top of this popup.

    Does It Cost Anything to Begin Earning Points?

    Absolutely not! Sign up is 100% free, and it will never cost you anything to earn points. Make sure to visit the 'Earn Points' tab to get started.

    Do I Have to Enroll or Register in Individual Promotions?

    Once you register for an account, you're all set – we don't require you to register for individual promotions in order to be eligible. Just fulfill the requirements of a promotion, and we'll post the points to your account immediately!

    How Long Will It Take for Points to Post to My Account?

    You should receive points in your account instantly once you complete a promotion!

    Do My Points Expire?

    Nope! Your points will never expire.

    What Happens to My Points If I Make a Return?

    When you return an item, you lose the associated credit you originally earned by buying the item in the first place.

    Sound kind of confusing? Let's take an example: let's say you had previously spent $50 towards a 'spend $100, earn 500 points' promotion, and you decide to buy a $20 item, which bumps you up to $70.

    If you decide to return that item, your progress would also go back down to $50 – it's just like you hadn't bought the item in the first place.

    How Many Points Am I Allowed to Redeem at Once?

    As many as you'd like! If you've got 'em, we want you to use 'em. Please note, however, that our checkout process only accepts one reward code per order

    Unused codes that you have redeemed will be available for future purchases. 

    What If I'm Missing Credit for a Purchase?

    If you don't immediately see your activity show up in your account, please get in touch and we'll help you out! Just keep in mind that on rare occasions, it may take 1 - 2 business days for activity to post to your account.

    Help! I Lost My Password! Can You Reset It for Me?

    That's ok – it happens to us too. Just click the 'Forgot Password?' link on any login screen and follow the steps to reset your password.

    How Do I Contact Support If I Have Questions about My Points?

    Our team is ready and waiting to answer your questions about our rewards program! Just send us an email and we'll be in touch.

    I'm Very Close to a Reward That I Want. Can I Buy Extra Points to Get There?

    Unfortunately, we currently require you to have enough points to redeem any of the awards you see listed on the 'Get Rewards' tab.

    Your Name Changed! Are My Village Vitality Rewards Still Valid at Woodstock Vitamins?

    Of course! Any points earned from Village Vitality are still redeemable at Woodstock Vitamins; we’re still the same great store with the same great products and people- only the name has changed.

    What Information Gets Collected about Me When I Participate in the Program?

    When you make a purchase, we collect the information about that purchase, including the purchase date, the type of item that you bought, and the amount you spent. We also collect any information you voluntarily provide in your account (your email address, name, social media information, birthday, etc.)

    What If I Don't Want to Receive Promotional Emails?

    Sometimes you'll receive emails from us related to our rewards program which advertise new ways that we've designed to help you earn points. If you'd prefer to not receive those types of emails anymore, just click the 'Unsubscribe' button when you receive your next email.