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These Woodstock probiotics agree with me. Love all their products!

Thyroid Natural Glandular 40 mg - 100 Capsules

Great Formulation!

I have been struggling with anemia for quite some time and my primary doctor recommended an OTC iron supplement. Due to a thyroid condition, my blood is being drawn more regularly and my labs have shown a marked improvement in my iron levels since I changed to Easy Iron. My thyroid doctor was really impressed!

Taste and texture

Taste and consistency is much better than other products I have used.

Congest-Eeze - 60 Capsules

Redstate RandDad

So far so good
No untoward side effects

Helps with leg cramps!

Much needed!

Calmag is just what my body requires when I need to relax!

Sinus working!

This stuff is so awesome and it really does work! With no side effects either...great product!

Respir-Ease - 1 oz Liquid
Zachary Aldridge
Excellent product and excellent service!

Terrific service and lovely employees. 5 stars!

Collagen Peptides Unflavored - 14.1 oz Powder
Lillie Cameron
High quality collagen

Exactly as described & I feel good ethically about using it. We put it in our coffee every morning.

Collagen Peptides Unflavored - 14.1 oz Powder
Alyssa Kinney

Collagen Peptides Unflavored - 14.1 oz Powder

Curaphen Extra Strength - 120 tablets

I have been taking Curephen Extra Strength for quite a while, and although I still have pain, when I ran out and took a lower dose, my pain was exponentially greater. I am back on it now and my pain is manageable.


I am recovering from a diverticulitis flare and am eating low fiber/low fat. I have been taking the Coenzyme Multi until I can work vegetables back into my diet. There has been a noticeable increase in energy and alertness with the Coenzyme.


My husband takes this daily to help his arthritis in his back.

Biotin 500 mcg - 60 Capsules

Probiotic Complete

Love it... Customer for life! Thank you ☺️


Takes a few hours to work, however it does the job. Definitely feel a little more clear-headed.

Easy, simple, fast

Thank you.

The best Chia and Flax combo

I have been taking it in my morning shake for few years. The amount of Chia and Flax are even. They are sprouted and finely cold milled. I’ve tried other brands but I love this one the best.

It’s all in the name! Easy!

Decided to try Easy Iron because I struggle a lot with constipation and taking iron supplements really makes it worse. Since taking Easy Iron, I have not had as much trouble with that and I love how much easier it is on my stomach and less food interactions I have to worry about. I recommend Easy Iron every chance I get!

Alaskan Omega

This completes my supplement regime and love Woodstock Vitamins !


I Trust Woodstock Vitamins!

The level of research & critical discretion that Woodstock Vitamins applies to every product offering is far beyond any other supplier I have encountered!
Thanks to all involved.


Works great after a heavy meal , helps with digestion.