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Is a quality fish oil

Coenzyme Multi - 120 Capsules

Saw Palmetto - 60 Capsules

Probiotic Complete - 60 Capsules

Very happy with this vitamin d3

This is great for me. Magnesium supplements usually have a bad effect on my stomach, but this one is perfect. Very happy and highly recommend.

Chlorophyll - 2 fl oz

Amazing pregnancy and nursing support

I follow the vitamin routine Dr Neil suggest for pregnancy and nursing. When I’ve gone to my dentist and hair dresser, I’ve received surprised statements that they are shocked I don’t have cavities or not losing hair after my pregnancy. I didn’t know either of those could be a thing, yet I think it’s the awesome foods I’m eating and great vitamins that are keeping my teeth and hair healthy while growing and nursing a baby.

Bronchial Relief - 1 fl oz

Multi vitamin

So far so good. This is a great daily multivitamin. FAST delivery!

Geat product

Wife has been taking it for about a week and a half. She says she feels better. Her skin color got better. Not pale no more. No side affects.

Love Woodstock

Fast shipping and great products

Great supplement

Always happy to order from Woodstock, I trust them and what they sell.

Great supplement

My friend told me that after I start taking Vitamin D3 I would notice a difference. I wasn’t sure what she meant. After the first couple of days I began to notice I had more stamina. My doctor mentioned that my Vitamin D was very low but I never thought to attribute that to how I felt physically. I don’t know the science behind Vitamin D except that it’s necessary. If my increase in stamina is a result, then it’s doing what it’s supposed to.Thanks Woodstock!!

Chewable Natural Papaya Review

The chewable papaya has been an immediate and terrific help to my digestive discomforts

Maintains my Iron levels

I donate platelets monthly and on several occasions my iron levels had begun to drop below levels that would allow me to donate. Taking Easy Iron along with a healthy diet prior to platelet donations insured that my iron levels are above the minimum count and stable.

Methyl Folate 400 mcg - 90 Tablets

Nice fragrance, warm and relaxing

Great customer service. I mistakenly put in for curbside pickup but was contacted quickly and order was shipped out immediately. Thank You

I am a vegetarian and this form of Vitamin B12 is excellent.

I am a vegetarian. dedicated to a raw food diet. This formula B12 is excellent. So hard to find vitamin companies that haven't been taken over by the big conglomerates.

It works

It makes my nails and hair grow fast. Hoping it helps my joints long term. This is my second bottle.

Very good service


best ever used

I love the products!

Love this product !

Great Quality ! ….Thanks what I Love about Woodstock Vitamins !