Our mission and passions are fueled by the best companies doing the right thing. It can’t be said enough, we love Nutriplex. Nutriplex Formulas is jet fuel for our dreams.

Nutriplex is the only complete line of food-only supplements. Even though that is amazingly special in a world where “whole food” is used to describe any supplement, it’s just a small selling point for us. To put it simply, Nutriplex Formulas is in the manufacturing world what we are in the retailers world.

They are just as obsessed with quality and purity as we are. They aren't using random foods in their formulas, but well thought out, strategic formulas, aimed at targeted nutrition. They won't just sell to any person or store...they have strict standards on whom they partner with, just like us.

They do what is right instead of what is best for sales. They would rather run out of a product, losing sales, than to make it with substandard raw materials. They’re a small company, focused on quality and making the nutrition world a better place. They’re one of the few companies not owned by a equity funds or large corporations, where it's not corporate boards making decisions.



Most importantly, they realize labels on multivitamins are almost never accurate. Nutriplex understands that their supplements are about nutrition and food, not selling high potency chemical vitamins. They don't label their supplements, because they want people to get away from dwelling on the numbers and caring more about the nutrition.

They’re the only company we trust to make our custom whole food products.

What We Love


  • One of the few supplement lines that are truly non-GMO. The owners are obsessed with this. 
  • One of the few companies fighting for real organic farming processes.
  • Only use glandulars from grass-fed, grass-finished cows from New Zealand.
  • They quarantine raw materials for several weeks to ensure there is no bacteria instead of just heating to get rid of bacteria. They build relationships with real farmers to ensure quality and build local economies.
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