When it comes to probiotics, the natural products industry shows its true colors.  It’s essential to find a great brand since it’s so tough to get probiotics right.

For us, one of those great probiotic brands is Natren.

They’re the only company in the United States that actually cultures their own strains to make their own probiotics.  They don’t buy them elsewhere; they make sure it’s right at each step.

Founder Natasha Trenev is one of the most well respected probiotics researchers in the world.  Natren has the world’s largest probiotic research library.

Natren is certified by Australian Pharmaceutical and Swiss Pharmaceutical standards, which are much more strict than our own.

Most importantly to us, they follow all guidelines from World Health Organization and World Gastroenterology Conference for how probiotics should be shipped, stored, manufactured and labeled.

What We Love:


  • Manufactured cold, shipped cold and stored cold.
  • Use single strains to maximize effectiveness.
  • Focus more on science and not just what's trendy.
  • Only sell well-researched safe strains.
  • All probiotics are labeled properly.
  • Only sell strains that are naturally present in the human body.
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