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CBD Basics

Here are your best answers to the most common questions about CBD

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is one of the two main compounds found in cannabis plants (hemp or marijuana). The other major compound is THC.

CBD products are everywhere. People of all shades of life are trying it for seemingly everything with (anecdotally) positive results.

CBD has properties of relaxation of muscles and sedation in humans. It also has anxiety-reducing effects as well as impact on pain pathways.

The effects seem to be widespread. CBD cell receptors are found in our skin, digestive tract, our muscles, and more.

Prescribers in our area have been using CBD for muscle spasms, pain, anxiety, to control seizures, and as an adjunct to cancer management.

No. CBD does not cause euphoria (unfortunately). The amount of THC found in many hemp extracts and CBD products is not nearly enough to cause any euphoria either.

Dosing is VERY patient specific. Start at low doses. Increase slowly until you get the results you seek.

Most people recommend adults start at approximately 5mg, then increasing in 5mg increments. It is recommended to use CBD no more than 4 times daily.

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