COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ

COVID-19 Vaccine - Frequently Asked Questions

When will the COVID-19 Vaccine be available?

First doses will be released end of December, early January

Will you have the vaccine to give?

Yes! We’re signed up to be a provider and are working with Woodstock and hopefully Ulster County to help in any way possible. 

But no, we’re not going to get first round of doses.

We do NOT know how the vaccine will be distributed at this point. Very little information is moving right now.

Will I get vaccinated as soon as available in December?

No! The people who will get it are of the highest risk: front line medical professionals and nursing home residents.

Those doses are already accounted for!

When will I get it, then?

We are telling high-risk people in the community to expect it to be available to them no earlier than February, and that’s probably very optimistic!

Neal thinks most people over 65 will not get their first doses until early spring, and people under 65 will be early summer


But I’m high-risk!

Sure! But we’re not setting any of the rules, so we can’t really change anything.

Plus, we don’t really know what’s going on right now with the roll out or staging as we just got the vaccine approved.

So, be patient. Once we know, EVERYONE will know!

Why do you keep saying we should be patient?

We are recommending patience because life isn’t going back to normal anytime soon.

Getting the shot January 1st vs March 1st won’t really have big implications on any change for you, besides a BIG piece of mind.

I understand the value there, but let’s not start trying to hoard vaccines like we did toilet paper.

Getting vaccinated will protect you, but you will still be:

    • Wearing masks
    • Not travelling internationally
    • Restricted at restaurants, bars, sporting events

I believe we all should “hold the door open” for other, higher risk people in these early days.

How will I get vaccinated?

Possibly in a pharmacy, possibly in a public health clinic that we’ll run.

Can I sign up?

No. There is no wait list, no signup sheet. Nothing. Literally every human wants this.

And everyone will get it before the end of 2021.

You will know when it is available because it will be posted everywhere.

How are you going to make getting vaccinated easy?

Oh, boy, am I excited!

I’m going to allow folks to sign up for a time and fill out all the info we need in advance, print out your paperwork to bring with you, all safe and secure.

You’ll be able to walk up, check-in, get stabbed, and walk out!

Is it safe?

Absolutely. We did an interview on our podcast with an epidemiologist about the safety of the vaccine.

What's In It?

Should I get it?


How much will it cost?

It will most likely be free early on, but we are estimating the out-of-pocket cost to be around $30.

Fun Facts About the COVID Vaccine

  • There are over 100 million adults who are designated “high risk” and each need 2 doses, PLUS about 40 million medical professionals
  • If we got 50 million doses a month starting January 1st, it would be 3 months before those people got their FIRST dose
  • And everyone needs 2 doses!
  • It will be a while before folks in the community start getting vaccinated!
  • The Washington Post has a COVID Vaccine distribution tracker that is very helpful

COVID-19 Vaccine Priority Tiers

Phase 1a (24 million people)

  • Health care personnel
  • Long-term care facility residents

    Phase 1b (49 million people)

    • Frontline essential workers
    • People 75 and older

    Phase 1c (129 million people)

    • People ages 65-74
    • People ages 16-64 with high-risk conditions
    • Other essential workers

    Phase 2:

    • People 16 and older not in Phase 1

    Want more information?

    Dr. Neal hosted a fact-filled COVID Vaccine Q&A webinar on January 7th, 2021- just after he and his staff received the vaccine. 

    Listen to the podcast of this webinar on and take a look at the valuable resources linked on that page.