Accessibility Plan

We wish to make our website fully accessible for users with disabilities and are committed to working towards achieving WCAG 2.0 AA standards. We are in the process of developing and implementing accessibility solutions which will allow all visitors equal access to our products and services. These solutions will include

Providing Alternatives

  • Alt text will be added to all meaningful images
  • Videos will offer Closed Captioning
  • Videos will include audio descriptions or will be self-describing
  • Text transcripts will be provided for video and audio files
  • All text will be readable by a screen reader.

Limiting Automatic Content

  • Automatic content will be eliminated whenever possible.
  • Pop-ups, scrolling, and blinking content will allow users to pause, stop, or hide them.
  • Static website forms will be fully controllable by the user.

Broadening Keyboard Accessibility

  • Our Website will be fully accessible by using arrow and tab buttons.

Providing an Intuitive Design

  • The site will have a set language and clear title tags for each page.
  • Users will be able to skip to content.
  • Navigation and flow will be consistent, predictable and logical
  • Link anchor text and headers will be clear and descriptive.
  • Each important element will be labeled.
  • There will be multiple ways to navigate.
  • Forms will be simple and easy to fill out.
  • The website will be coded properly and be free of errors.

Defining Font Thresholds

  • All fonts will sharply contrast from the background at a 4.5:1 minimum threshold.
  • Text will be resizable up to 200% without loss of functionality.

Limiting Time Constraints

  • There will be no time constraints on the site unless absolutely necessary.

We're Here To Help

We appreciate your patience while these accessibility features are implemented. If you have any suggestions regarding the accessibility of our website or would like to request accessible information, please call us at 845-521-7455, or email