The Whole Vitamin Truth

In This Episode

Joining the conversation today is one of Neal’s favorite whole food vitamin creators, Dr. Vic Shayne. 

He and Neal go in-depth about why it's so important to get our vitamins and minerals from food, and how to find a supplement that is closest to food in the case of deficiency.

Dr. Shayne explains the chemistry of consuming minerals and discusses the vital difference between "whole-food-based" and "whole food" supplements.

The doctors also discuss what information manufacturers do and don’t have to print on their labels, how to curb the generational impact of daily toxins, and Dr. Shayne's personal methodology for creating vitamin supplements.

Topics Discussed

  • Vic’s philosophy on supplements
  • Getting vitamins from food vs supplements
  • Supplement compounds
  • Whole food “based” vitamins
  • What is NOT required on labels
  • ODing on vitamins from supplements but not from food
  • The chemistry of consuming minerals
  • His methodology for creating his supplements
  • Generational impact of toxins

All About Vic Shayne

Vic Shayne, Ph.D., is a doctor-consultant, writer, and mind-body therapist. For the past 22 years, he has been a formulator of whole food supplements and has written a number of books on natural healthcare and the holistic approach to health, nutrition, and life.

He is a New York Times bestselling author and has written more than 12 books and 500 articles over the past 38 years. 


About The Author

Neal is a pharmacist who founded Woodstock Vitamins to help raise the bar on the natural products industry.  With the help of his expert staff, he's developed the Vitality Approved quality standards to bring a new level of integrity and trust to wellness. As a result, Woodstock Vitamins has become the go-to supplement brand for those who value transparency, quality, and pure ingredients in their supplement products.

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