The Wellness Pyramid

The Big Mouth Pharmacist discusses the wellness pyramid

In This Episode

Neal has a formula for living your healthiest life that he calls the wellness pyramid. It can be applied to each facet of a person's life to avoid getting mired in whatever new health craze has taken over. He has his producer, Daena, chime in with some anecdotes from her life to apply the pyramid in real time. Revelations are had.

Topics Discussed

  • Explanation of the pyramid
  • Application of pyramid to Daena’s recent insomnia
  • Bottom of pyramid - lifestyle
    • Examples cited: sleep, water intake/dehydration, what constitutes a meal and a snack, exercise, meditation
  • Middle of pyramid - supplements
    • examples cited: fish oil, glucosamine, multis
  • Top of pyramid - doctors, pharmacists, medical professionals
    • brief overview - topic was discussed in ep 01
    • “Go back and listen to our first episode for a more in-depth discussion of medical professionals

About The Author

Neal is a pharmacist who founded Woodstock Vitamins to help raise the bar on the natural products industry.  With the help of his expert staff, he's developed the Vitality Approved quality standards to bring a new level of integrity and trust to wellness. As a result, Woodstock Vitamins has become the go-to supplement brand for those who value transparency, quality, and pure ingredients in their supplement products.

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