One-A-Day Vitamins Are A Scam

In This Episode

It’s a week post election and Neal and Daena manage to avoid politics.

Instead, news of Pfizer’s Covid vaccine’s 90% success rate has spirits lifted, and Neal has decided it’s time to revamp his Vital 5.

He and Daena talk about the best way to ingest macronutrients and how to hit those targets.

They also talk about why supplements can be a preferable choice for consuming micronutrients, but sometimes dosing and multiple pills can be problematic.

Topics Discussed

  • Flu infections are almost non-existent right now
  • Covid vaccine update
  • Redeveloping the Vital 5
  • Multivitamins don’t offer enough of any one nutrient
  • The struggle to get people to take multiple pills for proper dosing




About Dr. Neal Smoller

Dr. Neal Smoller is a holistic pharmacist, supplement expert, and founder of Woodstock Vitamins. Dr. Neal’s mission is to challenge the natural products industry, redefining holistic care and setting the standard for supplement quality. His methods and products are backed by real science, and with them, he builds and supports his customers’ lifelong wellness strategies.

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