New Year’s Resolutions? Get Real!

In This Episode

It’s The Roaring 20s, 2.0! To kick them off, we're joined by a man who knows how to quiet the roar in your head, Dr. Larry Dresdale.

Larry has joined us before to talk about meditation and mindfulness, and today he and Neal discuss realistic New Year’s resolutions.

They discuss holiday stress and expectations, why it’s just so hard to change your diet and the importance of forgiving yourself.

Other topics covered include how to de-escalate anxiety attacks, handling change, and setting yourself up for success.

Neal also reveals his resolutions for 2020 and introduces a new segment - Neal’s Unhealthy Habits.

Topics Discussed

  • Holiday stress and expectations
  • Why changing diets is so hard
  • The appeal of fad diets
  • Changing your habits on your own
  • Taking the best care of yourself
  • The definition of meditation
  • Meditation to repattern the nervous system, break habits, ease anxiety
  • How to quiet an anxiety attack
  • 4-2-6 breathing
  • Attachment and absolutes
  • Realistic goals, rolling with change, setting up for success

About Lawrence Dresdale

Lawrence E. Dresdale, Ph.D., Clinical Adviser. Dr. Dresdale is a clinical psychologist with extensive experience in the field of Behavioral Medicine. He combined biopsychology and clinical psychology in his graduate work to integrate knowledge of biological bases of behavior including brain-behavior relationships into clinical practice and was an Intern and Resident in the Department of Medical Psychology at the Oregon Health and Science University where he received training in neuropsychology. He is in private practice with the primary treatment modality being Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) to address a broad range of clinical issues including TBI.


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