Nestle Acquires Vital Proteins

In This Episode

We cover a few topics today! A new report examining the asymptomatic spread of COVID is giving people false hope, as is a revelation about how flu deaths are calculated. 

Neal and Daena do a bit of Q&A, but the main focus is Nestle's recent acquisition of one of Neal’s trusted brands, Vital Proteins.

Neal takes us through the usual progression of new companies, from their vigorous outreach in the beginning, to the shifting of priorities as they expand, and then the telltale sign that they are about to sell out.

We’re looking at you, Burt’s Bees!

Topics Discussed

  • COVID cases spiking among reopened states
  • Details of the report about asymptomatic transfer
  • Report about how flu deaths are calculated
  • Nestle buying Vital Proteins
  • Summary of manufacturing supplements
  • The questions of ethics
  • Good companies selling out


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About Dr. Neal Smoller

Dr. Neal Smoller is a holistic pharmacist, supplement expert, and founder of Woodstock Vitamins. Dr. Neal’s mission is to challenge the natural products industry, redefining holistic care and setting the standard for supplement quality. His methods and products are backed by real science, and with them, he builds and supports his customers’ lifelong wellness strategies.

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