Neal’s On Fire: Let’s Get Responsible

In This Episode

It’s in the title, but it bears repeating- Neal’s fired up!

On the heels of Dr. Fauci’s spat with Sen. Rand Paul, Neal has had his own run-in with a once respected colleague who has since prioritized the economy over public safety, and who has alluded to debunked conspiracy theories.

So today he is pontificating on the responsibility of those in influential positions to use careful language when explaining complex data to laypeople, and cautions his listeners to read past headlines, look for corroborating articles, and not just rely on sensational memes for information.

Topics Discussed

  • Covid vaccine progress
  • Careless language being used by influencers that misleads the public or sows distrust


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About Dr. Neal Smoller

Dr. Neal Smoller is a holistic pharmacist, supplement expert, and founder of Woodstock Vitamins. Dr. Neal’s mission is to challenge the natural products industry, redefining holistic care and setting the standard for supplement quality. His methods and products are backed by real science, and with them, he builds and supports his customers’ lifelong wellness strategies.

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