Music, Medicine, and Michael Jackson: The Rock Doc

The Big Mouth Pharmacist discusses the rock doc

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This week, we experiment with all the different ways to spell Neal. It's two, there are only two ways; and the other way is favored by our guest, Neil Ratner a.k.a. The Rock Doc. What an interesting life this man has lead. He talks to Neal about his love of music early on coupled with his love of the human body; how he met up with the brothers Winter and became Edgar's tour manager; how that lead to forming his own company and then leaving it all behind to pursue medicine. But his life in music didn't end there. If his name sounds familiar, it's because he became Michael Jackson's personal physician for a time (not the one with him when he died). Think that's as crazy as his life got? There's still more...

Topics Discussed

  • Where he grew up
  • His love of music
  • His intro into professional music
  • Becoming a tour manager
  • Forming his tour managing company
  • Going back to med school
  • Trying to get into TV
  • Meeting and working with Michael Jackson
  • Getting addicted to drugs and rehab
  • Being indicted for insurance fraud
  • Redemption
  • His charity

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About Dr. Neal Smoller

Dr. Neal Smoller is a holistic pharmacist, supplement expert, and founder of Woodstock Vitamins. Dr. Neal’s mission is to challenge the natural products industry, redefining holistic care and setting the standard for supplement quality. His methods and products are backed by real science, and with them, he builds and supports his customers’ lifelong wellness strategies.

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