DIY Dairy Alternatives Recipe E-Book

Got Milk Alternatives? You Do Now.

If we don't want milk, we're not out on our dairy-eres. There are a number of healthy foods that can be turned into "milks" and used as substitutes. The most common are nuts (almonds, cashews, coconuts), soy, rice, and oats.

But mass-produced dairy alternatives aren’t what they say they are. They're hyper-processed and chemically modified to give the perception of a dairy equivalent, with added synthetic vitamins to convince us we are getting something nutritious. We are being lied to.

The best way to enjoy dairy alternatives is to make them yourself. You’ll get all the benefits and none of the nonsense. How? Download our DIY Dairy Alternatives Recipe E-Book and get started today!

Recipes Covered Include

  • Soy Milk
  • Almond Milk
  • Coconut Milk
  • Non-Dairy Yogurt
  • Oat Milk
  • Macadamia Milk
  • Cashew Milk
  • Non-Dairy Ice Cream

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