Debunking D's Conspiracies

In This Episode

Vitamin D does seem to have an impact on respiratory disease, and with the ‘rona still gripping the world, Neal wants to talk about it.

That connection is actually still being investigated, so Neal explains what he knows and focuses more on what is proven - Vitamin D's effect on bone health.

Neal further explores how Vitamin D is manufactured in the body, the two most important kinds of vitamin D, the various sources for supplementation, and which form is best

And of course, because this is Woodstock... some hot conspiracy talk.

Topics Discussed

  • Conspiracy videos
  • Vitamin D/Rona connection
  • What a vitamin is
  • How vitamin D is made in the body and in plants
  • Most common forms
  • Sources
  • Which source is better
  • Which form is best
  • Effects on bone
  • Levels
  • No symptoms with deficiency 


About Dr. Neal Smoller

Dr. Neal Smoller is a holistic pharmacist, supplement expert, and founder of Woodstock Vitamins. Dr. Neal’s mission is to challenge the natural products industry, redefining holistic care and setting the standard for supplement quality. His methods and products are backed by real science, and with them, he builds and supports his customers’ lifelong wellness strategies.

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