Coronavirus COVID-19 Content Roundup

This pandemic is serious. Life won’t return to normal for a while, so I think Coronavirus will dominate our blog and social media for a bit.

There's a leadership vacuum and people are looking to do something to feel better about the "impending doom" and their own grief. 

Every single charlatan is offering their own "solutions". From products lacking scientific validity to overpriced non-approved tests, and to protocols based on a "practitioners" "research" of COVID19.

There's been an exhausting amount of misinformation out there. I've been dutifully providing 100% No B.S. fact-based advice to help you navigate through these challenges. 

Here's a roundup of it all to help you navigate through this web of content.

COVID Vaccine Webinar January 7, 2021

COVID Vaccine Frequently Asked Questions


November 18, 2020 Article: Vitamin C and COVID: You’re Probably Doing It Wrong

While I could definitely make a boatload of money promoting this profitable supplement for no good reason, I don’t believe there is any clinical justification for Vitamin C supplementation - especially with COVID.


September 30, 2020 Rant: The CDC Flip Flop Flub Isn’t the Problem

This may be a controversial statement, considering how many folks have died and how many lives have been turned upside down, but here it is.

The damage being done to institutions is a far worse consequence of COVID than anything else.

September 25, 2020 Blog: Bubble Buddies: COVID In The Fall

We should make a plan for the things we can control, execute honestly and consistently, and see what happens.

This blog will give a brief model for planning your winter. There are two main points we’ll cover:

September 16, 2020 Blog: Immune Health - Take This, Not That

I'm not going to fight anymore.

Instead, I'm going to offer my suggested alternatives for better forms and higher quality ingredients of options being promoted for immune health right now.

August 27, 2020 Rant: Glutathione and the Next COVID Non-Cure

I want off this merry-go-round. I’m getting off. That does it. I’m not going to do the normal thing this month. 

Instead, let's discuss this sour, watered-down, Las Vegas-overpriced COVID cocktail du jour.

August 14, 2020 Podcast: The Latest Non-Cure For COVID

A local doctor has helped all of two COVID patients with antioxidants, so Neal takes a hard look at each of these supplements and explains what they do, how effective they could possibly be, and if they are even worth taking.

August 7, 2020 Podcast: America’s Frontline Doctors Debunked

Neal was a recent guest on The Political Pharmacist podcast with Dr. Eric Geyer to discuss the abomination that is the America’s Frontline Doctors video.

This is his portion of the episode.

July 30 2020 Article: What is the “New Normal” Really?

The phrase “new normal” is getting used and abused.

I want to define the bigger picture of what we can expect over the next 3, 12, and 24 months.

July 23 2020 Rant: Words Matter, Dr. Mercola

Dr. Mercola is an online “doctor” in title alone. He has a medical degree, but in my opinion, he has been practicing the opposite of medicine for years now.

“First do no harm, unless you can get lots of money.”

June 29 2020 Rant: Me, Myself, and I: Defunding Our Humanity

People will be dying en masse shortly, again, because of a selfish desire to go to a bar and to get a haircut.

Reopening the economy overrides the desire of safety - in a situation where BOTH can exist.

June 19 2020 Podcast: Carb Stores & COVID Spikes

With COVID cases spiking in parts of the country and most states reopened, Neal and Daena take a minute to look at the risk factors of various meeting spots such as restaurants, music venues, and sports arenas.

June 4 2020 Article: The Formula For Reopening Your Lives

This article gives a formula for how you can figure out if you SHOULD hang out socially with someone. The RULES STILL NEED TO BE FOLLOWED, especially as the world opens up and our COVID carrier status becomes a question again.

May 28 2020 Rant: Talking To A Wall

If there were a lifetime limit to the number of WTFs I could mutter, I would have used all of them up during this pandemic. “Mind-boggling” is the G-Rated adjective I use when asked what I think of all of this.

May 15 2020 Article: Six Simple Tips to Help Get Back to Normal

First, I want you to be more confident in your own safety in this weird post-quarantine-but-pre-vaccine period. Second, as I’ve harped on a bunch, I want you to help make this weird, confusing, uncertain world a better place for everyone else.

May 8 2020 Article: Unhealthy Pandemic Habits

Deep breath, most of society. Face the facts. You’re wrong sometimes. It’s ok to be wrong. There isn’t some hidden nuance to every discussion. Some stuff is just wrong, factually inaccurate, spin, or cherry-picked information. Dress up the pig all you want. It’s wrong and doesn’t deserve a platform.

May 1 2020 Podcasts: Coping With COVID pt. 3

Steve reminds us to forgive ourselves and to allow ourselves to slow down. He also reinforces the fact that accomplishments are not required right now, and suggests that keeping a schedule may be helpful especially where sleep is concerned.

Apr 30 2020 Article: The Vitamin D - COVID Connection

There's been a release of some "papers" connecting Vitamin D levels to higher survival chances with COVID-19. Let's talk about Vitamin D a little bit and how these "papers" and resulting discussion are wrong, but also right.

Apr 24 2020 Podcast: Coping with COVID pt. 2

Dr. Neal welcomes his own therapist to this installment of Coping with COVID to talk through isolation, unhealthy manifestations of grief, being in a full house, and handling the loss of physical contact during this pandemic.

Apr. 23 2020 Rant: The Coronavirus Conspiracy

We’re deep into the coronavirus woods. We’ve hit the chain-letter-grade-information-is-completely-true phase of the grieving process.

We lasted longer than I thought we would, but we’re here.

Apr. 17 2020 Podcast: COVID & Boosting Immunity

The idea of boosting immunity is commonplace, but greatly misunderstood. Today Neal elucidates the concept.

He explains how this all ties into COVID - including dangerous assumptions of how immune we are after recovery. 

Apr. 8 2020 Podcast: Coping with COVID pt. 1 

Steven Ball is a psychotherapist who did advocacy work during the early days of the HIV epidemic. He and Neal have a thoughtful discussion about the emotional side of COVID19 and the complicated emotions we're all experiencing.

Apr 3 2020 Podcast: HIV & Covid: History Repeats Itself

The response by the federal government to COVID-19 is not the first time our elected officials have ignored an emergency of this magnitude.Let's discuss the parallels between the government response to COVID-19 and HIV/AIDS.

Mar. 27 2020 Rant: COVID: Where Are Our Leaders?

This pandemic is 100% a problem of leadership. It's not like our "leaders" had unforeseen challenges. It is the result of a lack of leadership and an addiction to money, profit, and power.

Mar. 20 2020 Podcast: Dealing With Coronavirus In A Pharmacy

Life in the pharmacy has gone into hyperdrive in the wake of coronavirus, so Neal updates us on prevention protocol and people not taking the outbreak seriously and hoarding supplies.

Mar. 19 2020 Video: Our Social Media Manager Got Coronavirus!

Our (remote) social media manager Kate came down with COVID-19, and she agreed to talk with Dr. Neal about her experience with Coronavirus and the road ahead.

Mar. 19 2020 Article: The Real Fight Hasn't Started Yet

This virus is serious. We must overreact. Anyone downplaying this is doing a disservice to the front line people, the soon-to-be-sick, and those who have died.

Mar. 12 2020 Article: We've panicked, Now What?

We should have been more aggressive sooner. If you need to hear from someone that it's time to act, I'm going to be that person. It's still not time to panic, but it's time to get serious.

Mar. 6 2020 Podcast: Wash Your Hands, You Filthy Animals

On this week's podcast, Dr. Joseph Carreno talks about how coronavirus patients are being treated with no established treatment protocol at this time. 

Mar. 1 2020 Article: Mythbusting and Practical Advice 

We have to realize everything the media makes (social media included) is to get and keep our attention. With the ACTUAL emergency here, they’re rushing to cash in the fat check with hysteria.

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