Behind The Scenes Of A Dispensary

In This Episode

Today Neal is joined by Thomas Winstanley, marketing director for Theory Wellness Dispensaries in Massachusetts.

With a Schedule 1 narcotic now legal in MA, the road to dispensing it responsibly is arduous. Thomas explains the processes to become a licensed dispensary and/or grower.

He and Neal discuss the costs and the financial risks of opening a dispensary, the need for security, and how to introduce new users.

Thomas also explains what some of the new terminologies mean to us old heads (and newbies) that just know it as ‘weed.’

Topics Discussed

  • The process of opening a dispensary in MA
  • Growing processes
  • Security
  • Banking
  • Edibles
  • First-time users
  • What are terpenes
  • What medical marijuana has done for legalization

All About Thomas Winstanley

Thomas Winstanley is the Director of Marketing for Theory Wellness, a small batch, craft cannabis company in Massachusetts.

As a native of the Berkshires, where their first recreational dispensary is located, Thomas helped usher in the legal sales of cannabis with the company.

Now, less than a year into the legal market, he shares his thoughts on the approach to legal cannabis, the road ahead in the industry, and the economics involved.


About The Author

Neal is a pharmacist who founded Woodstock Vitamins to help raise the bar on the natural products industry.  With the help of his expert staff, he's developed the Vitality Approved quality standards to bring a new level of integrity and trust to wellness. As a result, Woodstock Vitamins has become the go-to supplement brand for those who value transparency, quality, and pure ingredients in their supplement products.

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