All Mushrooms Aren’t Magic

Big Mouth Pharmacist Talks About Mushrooms

In This Episode

In this episode, Neal is joined by Skye Chilton, founder of Real Mushrooms, a supplement company that specializes in medicinal mushroom extracts.

Skye tells us all about the anatomy of a mushroom, and which compounds in the mushrooms are medicinal.

He and Neal explore the challenges of ensuring high-quality compounds in the absence of a validated standardized test.

They also discuss what is more likely to be found in a low-quality mushroom supplement, especially based on price.

Skye also offers us a few mushroom foraging tips, as well!

Topics Discussed

  • How long humans have consumed mushrooms
  • What they’re used for
  • Mushrooms Skye deals with most often
  • What are beta-glucans
  • The challenge of trying to measure compounds
  • Mushroom anatomy
  • The truth about mushrooms communicating with each other
  • The cost of growing for extracts rather than food
  • Mycelium grain used as filler or in place of mushrooms altogether in extracts
  • Consumer tips
  • Foraging tips

All About Skye Chilton

Real Mushrooms came into existence through long discussions between Skye and his father, Jeff Chilton, founder of Nammex, the leading supplier of organic mushroom extract ingredients to supplement companies.

Through those discussions with Jeff, he learned that the medicinal mushroom marketplace was dominated by products that did not actually contain any mushrooms.

With this knowledge, he saw an opportunity to develop a product line based on the mushroom itself. His goal was to educate the public on how medicinal mushrooms are grown, what to look for in a medicinal mushroom product, and to ensure that his products were consistent with the scientific research. 


About The Author

Neal is a pharmacist who founded Woodstock Vitamins to help raise the bar on the natural products industry.  With the help of his expert staff, he's developed the Vitality Approved quality standards to bring a new level of integrity and trust to wellness. As a result, Woodstock Vitamins has become the go-to supplement brand for those who value transparency, quality, and pure ingredients in their supplement products.

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